Luxor 2


The Luxor 2 collection of premium performance fabrics are the industry’s best. Rated at 1 Million double rubs, these gorgeous fabrics will last a lifetime.

Luxor2 Cd 01 Cream
Luxor2 Cd 04 Parchment
Luxor2 Cd 05 Bauhaus
Luxor2 Cd 07 Arietta
Luxor2 Cd 08 Artisan
Luxor2 Cd 09 Spun Silver
Luxor2 Cd 10 Slippery Rock
Luxor2 Cd 11 Truffle
Luxor2 Cd 12 Quartz
Luxor2 Cd 22 Blood Red
Luxor2 CD 23 Hershey
Luxor2 CD 28 Champagne
Luxor2 CD 30 Ebony
Luxor2 CD 34 Flame
Luxor2 CD 42 Navy
Luxor2 CD 43 Horizon
Luxor2 CD 44 Provence
Luxor2 CD 54 Lead
Luxor2 CD 57 Imperial
Luxor2 CD 59 Nutmeg
Luxor2 CD 61 Raffia
Luxor2 CD 176 Ivory
Luxor2 CD 221 Peanut
Luxor2 CD 243 Eggplant
Luxor2 CD 264 Nut
Luxor2 CD 266 Willow
Luxor2 CD 267 Honey
Luxor2 CD 291 Clay
Luxor2 EVC 130 Granite
Luxor2 EVC 131 Steerhide

High Performance Leather Alternatives.

Luxor Leather™ premium fabrics have the finesse and style of high-end leather, and the durability only polyurethane can provide.

  • General Specifications

    Composition: 100% Poly Carbon Resin, Polyurethane Face, Cotton/Poly Backing

    Weight: 19/20 oz Per Linear Yard

    Width: 54 inches

  • Performance

    Abrasion: 1 Million Double Rubs

    Tongue Tear: ASTM D5034

    Seam Strength: ASTM D4034

    Colorfastness to Sunlight: 1,000 Hours AATCC-16A, Carbon/Arc Outdoor

    Cold Crack: -20F ASTM D2097

    Hydrolysis: 14+ Weeks ASTM D3690-02 SECT.6.11

  • F/R Rating

    Passes CAL.117(E) | NFP 260 1 Class | MVSS 3022

    Can be treated to pass FAR 25.853, ASTM E84, ASTM 162, ASTM 662 & ALL StateFederal and International fire codes

  • Maintenance & Care

    Keep your Luxor Leather™ surfaces looking new through routine and proper care.

    • Wipe up spills as they occur

    • Clean up with mild soap and water

    • Thoroughly rinse with water and blot dry with a clean towel

    • Air dry

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Feel The Luxor Difference

We could tell you more about Luxor Leather™ products, but there’s nothing quite like experiencing them for yourself.

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