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The Luxor 2 collection of premium performance fabrics are the industry’s best. Rated at 1 Million double rubs, these gorgeous fabrics will last a lifetime.

High Performance Leather Alternatives Perfect For Vehicles Marine Office Aviation Residential

Luxor Leather™ premium fabrics have the finesse and style of high-end leather, and the durability only polyurethane can provide.

Composition: 100% Poly Carbon Resin, Polyurethane Face, Cotton/Poly Backing

Weight: 19/20 oz Per Linear Yard

Width: 54 inches

Abrasion: 1 Million Double Rubs

Tongue Tear: ASTM D5034

Seam Strength: ASTM D4034

Colorfastness to Sunlight: 1,000 Hours AATCC-16A, Carbon/Arc Outdoor

Cold Crack: -20F ASTM D2097

Hydrolysis: 14+ Weeks ASTM D3690-02 SECT.6.11

Passes CAL.117(E) | NFP 260 1 Class | MVSS 3022

Can be treated to pass FAR 25.853, ASTM E84, ASTM 162, ASTM 662 & ALL State, Federal and International fire codes

Keep your Luxor Leather™ surfaces looking new through routine and proper care.

• Wipe up spills as they occur

• Clean up with mild soap and water

• Thoroughly rinse with water and blot dry with a clean towel

• Air dry

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We could tell you more about Luxor Leather™ products, but there’s nothing quite like experiencing them for yourself.

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