Soft Touch


The Soft Touch performance fabric collection contains our most popular leather patterns. Offering a soft and supple feel while durable enough to handle the rigors of every-day life.

Soft Touch Br 01 Vellum
Soft Touch Br 05 Doe
Soft Touch Br 24 Jacobean
Soft Touch Br 25 Chestnut
Soft Touch Br 30 Ravenwing
Soft Touch Br 45 Sedona
Soft Touch BR 47 Nickel
Soft Touch BR 162 Cinnamon
Soft Touch BR 163 Terracotta
Soft Touch Br 164 French Blue
Soft Touch Br 166 Cashew
Soft Touch Br 165 Atrichoke
Soft Touch Br 175 French Vanilla
Soft Touch Br 167 Cypress
Soft Touch Br 176 Snow White
Soft Touch Br 178 Sable
Soft Touch BR 177 Dune
Soft Touch Br 212 Manilla
Soft Touch BR 220 Aria
Soft Touch BR 214 Milkweed
Soft Touch BR 222 Marine
Soft Touch BR 227 Wheat
Soft Touch BR 267 Ochre
Soft Touch BR 329 Buff
Soft Touch BR 381 Shadow
Soft Touch BR 357 Stone
Soft Touch BR 492 Papyrus
Soft Touch BR 553 Dove Grey
Soft Touch BR 555 Silver Pearl
Soft Touch BR 563 Diplomat Blue
Soft Touch BR 700 White
Soft Touch BR 703 Pecan
Soft Touch BR 705 Red
Soft Touch BR 709 Rice
Soft Touch BR 710 Silk
Soft Touch Br 719 Charcoal
Soft Touch BR 723 Regatta

High Performance Leather Alternatives.

Luxor Leather™ premium fabrics have the finesse and style of high-end leather, and the durability only polyurethane can provide.

  • General Specifications

    Composition: 100% Polyurethane Surface 100% Reinforced Rayon backing

    Weight: Approx. 9.7 oz. Per Square yd

    Width: 54 inches

    Thickness: Approx.  0.95 Millimeters

  • Performance

    Abrasion: ASTM D4157 / 400,000 Double Rubs (Wyzenbeek)

    Hydrolysis: 16+ weeks ASTM D3690 sec.611 ( Hydrolytic Stability)
    Adhesion of coating: ASTM D751
    Tear Strength: ASTM D2261
    Breaking Strength: ASTM D751
    Tensile Strength: BS EN ISO 1421
    Colorfastness: 1,000 Hours AATCC-16A, Carbon / Arc Outdoor
  • F/R Rating
    Flammability Requirements:
    • ASTM E84 ( Adhered- Class A )
    • CA  TB 117-2013 Pass
    • FMVSS 302 &95/ 28 Annex IV-pass
    • NFPA 260 – Class 1
    • UFAC-Class 1
    • CA AB 2998
    • These fabrics can be treated to pass FAR 25.853 12 second Vertical
  • Maintenance & Care

    For more information about cleaning and care instructions, please feel free to give us a call.

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